Funeral Preplanning Guide

Funeral Preplanning Guide

When a loved one passes away without any funeral arrangements, their family is left with many important decisions to make. In fact, in the 48 hours immediately following death, your family may make up 70 decisions regarding your funeral arrangement. Preplanning a funeral not only relieves your family from this responsibility, it also offers many benefits.

If you’ve started to think about funeral preplanning services, one of our caring and knowledgeable funeral directors would be happy to assist you. In a comfortable and confidential setting, we will discuss the different types of services available and what you envision your funeral looking like. To help educate you further, we’ve created this easy-to-read funeral pre-planning guide.

Funeral Pre-Planning Benefits

Just like there many reasons to pre-plan your funeral, there are also many benefits to making prepaid funeral plans. Did you know you could save thousands of dollars when you preplan a funeral? Below we’ve outlined 3 ways you and your family benefit when you pre-plan your funeral.

Avoid Inflation and Save on Costs
Just like most products, over time inflation causes prices to rise and funeral products and services are not exempt. A pre-planned funeral allows you to pay for the service now so your family doesn’t have to when you pass away. Choosing to pre-pay could help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars depending on how prices increase over time. If you have chosen to pre-pay for your funeral arrangements, you've effectively saved some of your family's hard-earned money.

Don’t Burden Your Loved Ones
If you pass away without any funeral pre-arrangements, your family now has to complete the arrangements while also trying to manage their grief. This can create added stress and make the first few days after your passing that much harder for your loved ones. A pre-arranged funeral ensures that in the days following your death, your family doesn’t need to spend time away from one another and can instead mourn together and prepare to say goodbye.

Select What You Want
How do you want people to remember you? What type of service do you want? When you pre-plan your funeral, you get to make these decisions. Rather than leaving the arrangements for your loved ones to make and wonder if they got it right, you can plan the service you want. Most importantly though, you and your family will have peace of mind knowing that everything is prepared for exactly the way you want.

What We've Heard Over the Years

  • There will be fewer opportunities for argument and indecision about your funeral arrangements among family members after you're gone.
  • Your survivors will never have to worry about doing the wrong thing when finalizing your funeral arrangements.
  • After your death, no one can make any decisions you wouldn't want.
  • Funeral pre-planning is the responsible thing to do. It removes the burden from family members.
  • You can make complex decisions ahead of time when you have the time to think things through.
  • Funeral pre-planning can involve pre-payment. This will save your family money and avoid any financial burdens.

These are just a few of the comments we've heard during funeral pre-arrangements. Chances are pretty good that some of these statements are true for you as well.

O’Fallon’s Funeral Pre-Planning Experts

To learn more about our prepaid funeral plans or funeral pre-planning in general, contact us today. A member of our staff would be happy to speak with and schedule a time to meet. If you’re ready to start preplanning, we've made it easy for you to plan ahead by offering you two ways to make your arrangements ahead of time.

You can use our Online Pre-arrangement Planner in the privacy and comfort of your home.

Or, if you feel a need for additional guidance, you can set an appointment to sit down with a professional to make your cremation pre-arrangements by calling us at 618-632-3713. Don't worry there is no need to come into our office, we will be pleased to come to you.


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