Cremation Services

Cremation Services

Whether you are pre-arranging a cremation, or faced with the loss of a loved one and have immediate need of a cremation provider, you should take the time to verify the quality of the policies and procedures.


Guidelines for Choosing a Cremation Provider

In an ideal world, you would be able to pre-arrange for a cremation. Take all the time you need to make the right decisions for your family, and your finances. However, that’s not always possible. Whether you are pre-arranging a cremation, or faced with the loss of a loved one and have immediate need of a cremation provider, you should take the time to verify the quality of their policies and procedures.

It is never wise to base your decision solely on price. You should work with a cremation provider whose policies and practices reflect:

  • Professional care of the deceased
  • Compassion for the living
  • An atmosphere of respect at all times for all involved

Here at Schildknecht Funeral Home, we believe the object of life is to do good for others, following the golden rule. That belief requires that we operate within strict guidelines, with the highest ethical standards.  We know what you’re facing – and it’s important that you are comfortable with the cremation provider you select. Call us to set an appointment for a tour of our facilities. Sit down with us for a heart-to-heart conversation.

And of course, if you have concerns or additional questions, we ask that you connect with us by calling 618-632-3713. We will be pleased to take part in your cremation conversation. For information on specific cremation packages please visit our Cremation Options page.

What is Required to Arrange for Cremation?

Once the cremation-over-burial decision has been made, all that's required is authorization. This is provided by the person who is the legally identified or appointed next-of-kin. Once all authorization documents are signed, and service charges are paid; the body can be transported from the place of death to the crematory and the cremation process can take place. However, there are some additional things you may wish to consider, such as:

  • Is there a special set of clothes (such as a military uniform or favorite dress) your loved one would appreciate wearing? This will be a focus of the cremation arrangement conversation, and you will be advised as to your best options regarding jewelry or other valuable personal items.
  • Are there any keepsake items you'd like to include in the cremation casket? Perhaps there's a special memento, such as a treasured photograph or letter? We sometimes suggest family members write cards, notes or letters to their deceased loved one, and place them in the casket prior to the cremation.
  • What will you keep the cremated remains in after the cremation? Many families are simply unaware that they can purchase a cremation urn to be placed in a special place such as the family home. We offer a large selection of urns that will help memorialize your loved one.


Cremation Information

Even now, when cremation is fast becoming the preferred alternative to burial, people still come to us to learn more about the cremation process. If you have ever asked "what is cremation", this page was written for you.


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Cremation Options

Do you think cremation is right for you, or a loved one? We provide a selection of cremation options designed to meet your financial and emotional needs.


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Simple Cremation


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For common cremation-related questions, read through our FAQ section. In here you will learn about topics such as options with ashes, urns, how long the process takes, and how special items are treated.


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